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Americo was born in Merida Venezuela in 1980. He starts studying drawing and painting with Maria Elena Rabago when he was 16 years old.

In 2001 he was invited to attend Colour Workshop VI led by Luis Fernando Matheus in the former Art School of Universidad de Los Andes in his hometown of Merida.  Matheus shows special interest in his work and continues to teach him directly between 2002-2003.

Americo has travelled extensively both in and out of Venezuela in the company of his family.  His trips have been the inspiration of cartography series.

From 2005 his work starts being shown in collective exhibitions in the Andes area of Venezuela.  His first solo exhivition took place in 2009 in Galeria Guernica(Merida, Venezuea).  Since then, he has exhibited extensively in Venezuela and internationally, including two contemporary art exhibitions in Czech Republic.

In 2010 Fundacion Polar releases a limited print of “Américo y su pincel” (Americo and his Paintbrush).  The book looks into the artist's creative process and through studying his painting.  An electornic copy of the book published by Universidad de Los Andes is available to download from this website.

Americo's work has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers in Venezuela. His work has also served as inspiration various fields. Creative evangelists Denise Jacobs has spoken extensively about Americo's work as an example of artistic creativity.

Close up photo of Americo's face
There is no chance to get lost: the maps drawn by Americo Morales show us the turns, secret places, towns and distances taking us, one by one to Americo himself.
As the birds see from the air; so Americo shows us freedom, captured through affection, perseverance and the lines of his skilful, loving atwork. He comes to terms with his gigantic topographic task by creating images of significant artistic strength where the peaks and troughs in the lines define and wrap intimate and sacred territories.

There is no chance to get lost: the arrows indicate the direction where to camp. The place is worth it as it is a captivating landscape, a marvellous scroll, a charming land.. the place is Americo.

Francisco Itriago